A standard iPIPS project typically runs for three years
The iPIPS team can be responsible for delivery of:
  • The picture booklet and adaptive app for both start and end of year
  • The specifications for translation
  • The insertion of translations into the assessment
  • Instructions on app operation
  • Instruction booklet on assessment and feedback
  • Standard PSED and behaviours questionnaires
  • Support for user testing
  • Basic amendments following trialling
  • Associated project management and administration
Additional activities can be agreed upfront including:
  • Additional languages
  • Data analysis and report production
  • Amendments to items and artwork
  • Questionnaires
  • Provision of feedback
  • Travel to country
International partners are responsible for:
  • Provision of translations and back translations
  • Administration of trials and main study
  • Collation and formatting of data
  • Feedback to schools
  • Travel for fieldwork and internationally
  • General management and running of the project in that jurisdiction
The iPIPS team work closely with international partners to agree the most appropriate funding model for each iPIPS project
The Management and Governance structure of iPIPS
The iPIPS team at Durham University manage iPIPS in collaboration with the international partner organisations and the pilot jurisdictions.