How long after conducting the assessment will I be able to see the results for my jurisdiction?

Information about individual jurisdictions will be made available to participating administrations very quickly after the administration of the assessments. The analytical frame will be set up in advance, in collaboration with the participating jurisdiction, so that, once the results are in the database and validated, some analyses can be produced almost immediately.

The speed at which international comparative data is released will depend on how fast the assessments are administered in each participating jurisdiction. In Northern hemisphere countries, the start of year assessments (including the school and parent/carer surveys) will be completed by December and in the Southern hemisphere countries, by April. So the expectation would be available to the international advisory committee one month later, for example, January in the Northern hemisphere and May in the Southern hemisphere countries. The end of year assessments will be completed by July and November. Subsequent decisions concerning the publication of results analyses, when and how, will be made by the international advisory committee, although indicative dates are given above. Decisions concerning the policy use of the results will of course, rest with the individual participating jurisdictions.